Majestic Building creates new homes and transforms existing spaces so that families can fulfill their hopes and realize their individual dreams.

Steve Lupear is the founder of Majestic Building. Steve has spent the last fifteen years as a custom builder practicing his craft in some of the finest areas middle Tennessee has to offer. Majestic was founded with the philosophy that every project should be a reflection of the unique needs and demands of the family or individuals within.

Majestic Building encourages its customers to be a part of the entire process, from conception to completion. We take your ideas, both practical and aesthetic, and integrate them with our years of construction expertise. The end result is a home that reflects, embodies, and encourages your dreams on your terms. 

We also pride ourselves on a positive, exciting, and stress-free building project for every customer. We understand your home is so much more than four walls and a roof. It is your personal space of security, warmth, family, and imagination. A building project should be taken with great seriousness and care, but it should also be fun and free from unnecessary worry. At Majestic Building, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to ensure that dreams are realized without compromise.